Love is Many things.

Love is an emotion
Love is romance
Love is intimacy
Love is affection
Love is physical attraction

All of these are elements of love;
But the most vital element
of love is a decision.

The Lord God created mankind
with a free will, He
has given us the freedom
to decide for our ownselves
what paths to follow, what
actions to take, and even
to choose who to love
or not to love.

If we choose to love,
God will give the needed
wisdom, courage, strength,
and the grace to follow
the choosen path of love.

Therefore I choose to love you!

Emotions are like a rollercoaster ride,
they go up and down,
and like any other ride
will eventually end.
Therefore I choose to love you!

Romance may burn
as a roaring bon fire,
or it make flicker like a dimming candle.
I therefore choose to love you.

Finding time to be intimate with hectic
schedules may at times be difficult.
Intimacy may dwindle as accustomed
familiarity increases.
I therefore choose to love you.

Affection like intimacy may lose
it's place in priority to time
constraints and familar routines.
I therefore choose to love you.

Physical attraction may fade as
the years pass by.
The midrif may buldge, signs of wear
over time may be evident.
Wrinkles appear as teeth
and hair disappear.
I therefore choose to love you.

With my own free will I
have made the decision to love you.
It is my God given right
to choose who I will love,
so I choose to love you.

You are my choice to love.
If romance seems to be flickering away,
know in your heart that there is a
raging fire of romance in my heart
for you.

You are the one I have choosen to love.
If intimacy seems far removed from our
relationship, know in your heart that I cherish
our times of intimacy in my heart.

It is my decision to love you.
If affection between us seems to be a
distant memory, know in your heart that our
affectionate times are the treasure of
my heart.

It is my unalterable decision to love you.
Never fear that your physical attraction will
fade in my eyes. For it is you and you alone
that my eyes see.

My unalterable choice is to love you.

My love for you is a determined decision.

What more can I say?
I love you and that can never change,
because I have asked for God's grace to
never let me fail in my love for you.

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