Salvation Factor Ministries

Salvation Factor
Outreach Ministry

Helping single mothers

All of our services are always free to our clients.

There is never a charge for any reason


We started this out reach ministry in 1992, as an clothing exchange through our local church in Warsaw, Missouri. Due to a move of our own, it is now based in the Lincoln, Missouri area. Serving both Benton and Pettis counties. We do work in conjunction with other churches and organizations so that we may offer a more complete array of services to those who are in need.

These are some of the people that we are currently working with:

  1. Show Me Christian Youth Home in Lamonte
  2. New Hope Baptist Church
  3. There Is Hope Ministry For Unwed Mothers
  4. Pettis County Community Partnership

If you can help the ministry in any way, we would be very grateful. Some of the people, especially the girls that we help do not have anything to start with. Therefore we are always in need of these items to distribute:

  1. nonperishable food
  2. furniture
  3. appliances
  4. household items
  5. blankets
  6. sheet sets
  7. pillows
  8. towels
  9. face cloths
  10. kitchen towels
  11. dishes
  12. vehicles for basic transportation

We do not give trash to our clients. So we ask that all these items be in good condition, or to be new. We can do minor repairs, but we do not do miracles.

We are a nonprofit ministry
Changing one life at a time

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