This is Love
I wrote this for my wife a few years ago. But I think many people would agree with this. This is animated and has music, so turn up the volume.
Farm Cats
My definition of a farm: A place where the main purpose of business is to cultivate life. A place to nurture life, a place to plant seeds and watch them grow, to feed, nourish and support them during the stages of their growth. And, in due season to harvest the crop.
The business of the mission farm is not to plant cash crops to harvest for a profit. The business of the mission farm is to plant spiritual seeds into people, and when they grow into a life dedicated to living for Jesus Christ, to harvest them for God. A harvest for Jesus Christ is of more profit than all the gold and silver in the world.
Now, is that anyway to be?
Who am I to tell anyone else how to act? Nobody! But, I have had much experience at being asked a question which is directed quite often at those who claim to be born again. From the minute you accept Jesus into your heart, other people and sometimes your own self, will ask the question; Now is that anyway for a Christian to act? Or anyone of many variations of the same question.
Many times I have asked myself how I could claim to be saved yet think, do, and or say the kind of things which I thought, said, and did. Many times and sometimes for long periods of time I have questioned my salvation for that very reason.
The major function in swimming pool maintenance is keeping the water clean. A good pump and filtration system makes the part of cleaning simple, without exerting much of an effort.
Most pool filtering systems utilize some kind of water top skimming device. Rather than to bore you with the various types, I will just tell you about the one I worked with. The basic function of the skimmers was quite simple. The pump would pull water from the pool through skimmer baskets located in the four corners of the pool, which would catch the big objects, (leaves, bugs, etc.), then on through the filter which would remove the smaller objects, (dirt, hair, etc.).
Energy, Life, And The Grace Of God
One question above all other questions arises at sometime in everyone’s life. The question being; What happens after death, do we just cease to exist, or is there some kind of another life after this one? This is most certainly a very perplexing question.
Things Are Not Always What They Seem
A lot of times in our lives we see things that are not always what we think they are. Just because we believe something to be true does not necessarily mean it is true. Just because we do not believe something doesn’t mean that it is not true.
Esther, An Unlikely Candidate Chosen To Be Used By God As A Hero
Almost all of the heroes in the Bible who where chosen by God, some willingly others not so willingly, some not having any idea that they were being chosen by God for His plans and purposes, were not exactly the models of moral perfection that the average person would suppose them to be. Ester was a person who was definitely an unlikely candidate to be chosen by God to save His people from destruction. By examining her life style and attitude, we can easily deduce that God is willing to use the most unlikely people to be hero’s to save His chosen people.
Unconstitutionality of Abortion
Our courts have established the woman as a dictator type leadership over her sovereign territory which is clearly defined by the borders of her skin. The current laws seem to establish this irrevocable leadership position as though it is a birthright – not replaceable by elections, impeachment, revolution, invasion, or any other means.

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