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Euphrates, The


Euphrates, The

A branch of the river of Eden - Ge 2:14


Waters of, considered wholesome - Jer 2:18

Often overflowed its banks - Isa 8:7,8

Assyria bounded by - 2Ki 23:29; Isa 7:20

Babylon situated on - Jer 51:13,36

Extreme eastern boundary of the promised land - Ge 15:18; De 1:7; 11:24

Egyptian army destroyed at - Jer 46:2,6,10

Frequented by the captive Jews - Ps 137:1

Captivity of Judah represented by the marring of Jeremiah's girdle in - Jer 13:3-9

Prophecies respecting Babylon thrown into, as a sign - Jer 51:63

Shall be the scene of future judgments - Re 16:12

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