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Also called BAALAH, one of the four cities of the Gibeonites

Inhabitants of, who were not struck down, on account of the covenant made by the Israelites with the Gibeonites, but put under servitude - Jos 9:17; with 9:3-27

In the territory allotted to Judah - Jos 15:9,60; 18:14

The Philistines bring the ark of the covenant to - 1Sa 6:21; with 6:1-21

The ark of the covenant remains for twenty years at - 1Sa 7:1,2; 1Ch 13:5,6

David brings the ark of the covenant from - 2Sa 6:1-11; 1Ch 13:5-8; 2Ch 1:4

Inhabitants of, who were taken into captivity to Babylon, returned - Ezr 2:25; Ne 7:29

Urijah, the prophet, an inhabitant of - Jer 26:20

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