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Raamah Raamiah Raamses Rabbah
Rabbath Rabbi Rabbith Rab-mag
Rabsaris Rab-shakeh (rabshakeh) Raca Race
Rachab Rachal Rachel Raddai
Ragau Raguel Rahab Raham
Railing Raiment (clothing) Rain Rainbow
Raisins Raising Rakem Rakkath
Rakkon Ram Rama Ramah
Ramath Ramathaim-zophim Ramath-lehi Ramath-mizpeh
Rameses Ramiah Ramoth Ramoth-gilead
Ransom Rape Rapha Raphu
Rashness Raven Ravishment Razor
Reading Readings, Select Reaia Reaiah
Reaping Reasoning Reba Rebecca
Rebekah (rebecca) Rebellion Rechab Rechabites
Rechah Reciprocity Reconciliation Reconnoissance
Recorder Recreation (rest) Red Redemption
Red Heifer Red Sea Reed Reelaiah
Refining Refuge Refugee Slaves Regem
Regem-melech Regency Regeneration Regicide
Registration Rehabiah Rehob Rehoboam
Rehoboth Rehum Rei Rejection
Rekem Release Religion Remaliah
Remmon Remmon-methoar Remorse Rending
Renting Repentance Repetition Rephael
Rephah Rephaiah Rephaim Rephidim
Reports Reprobacy Reproduction Reproof
Reputation Resheph Resignation Respect
Respect Of Persons Responsibility Responsive Religious Service Rest
Restitution Restoration Resurrection Retaliation
Retribution Reu Reuben Reubenites
Reuel Reumah Revelation Revenge
Revenue Reverence Reviling Revivals
Revolt Reward Rezeph Rezia
Rezin Rezon Rhegium Rhesa
Rhoda Rhodes Ribai Ribband
Riblah Rich, The Riches Riddle
Righteous Righteousness Rimmon Rimmon-parez
Ring Rinnah Riphath Rising
Rissah Rithmah River Rizpah
Roads Robbers Robbery Robe
Rock Roe Rogelim Rohgah
Roll Romamti-ezer Roman Empire Rome
Roof Rope Rose Rosh
Ruby Rue Rufus Ruhamah
Rulers Rumah Ruth Rye (spelt, R. V.)

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