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Oak Oar Oath Obadiah
Obal Obduracy (hardness) Obed Obed-edom
Obedience Obil Object Teaching Oblation
Obligation Obliquity (deviation) Oboth Obsequiousness
Obstetrics Occult Science Ocran Oded
Odor Offenses Offerings Officer
Og Ohad Ohel Oil
Ointment Old Age Olive Olives, Mount Of
Olivet Olympas Omar Omega
Omer Omnipotence Omniscience Omri
On Onam Onan Onesimus
Onesiphorus Onion Ono Onycha
Onyx Ophel Ophir Ophni
Ophrah Opinion, Public Opportunity Oppression
Oracle Orator Ordinance Ordination
Oreb Oren Organ Orion
Ornan Orpah Orphan Osee
Osprey Ossifrage Ostentation Ostriches
Othni Othniel Ouches Oven
Overcoming Overseer Owl Ox
Ozem Ozias Ozni  

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