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Laban Lachish Ladder Laish
Lama Lamb Lamech Lamentation
Lamentations, Book of Lamp Landmark Laodicea
Laodicea, Epistle from Lapidoth Lapping Lapwing
Lasaea Lasha Latchet Latin
Lattice Laver Law Law of Moses
Lawyer Lazarus Leaf League
Leah Leannoth Leasing Leather
Leaven Lebanon Lebbaeus Lebonah
Leek Lees Left hand Left-handed
Legion Lehi Lemuel Lentiles
Leopard Leprosy Letter Leummim
Levi Leviathan Levirate Law Levite
Leviticus Levy Lewdness Libertine
Libnah Libni Libya Lice
Lie Lieutenant Life Light
Lightning Lign-aloes Ligure Lily
Lime Linen Linen-yarn Lines
Lintel Lions Lip Litter
Liver Living creatures Lizard Lo-ammi
Loan Lock Locust Lo-debar
Lodge Log Lois Loop
Lord Lord's day Lord's Prayer Lord's Supper
Lo-ruhamah Lot Lotan Love
Lubims Lucas Lucifer Lucius
Lucre Lud Ludim Luhith
Luke Luke, Gospel according to Lunatic Lust
Luz Lycaonia Lycia Lydda
Lydia Lysanias Lysias, Claudius Lystra

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