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Sea, The


Sea, The - (Heb. yam), signifies
(1) "the gathering together of the waters," the ocean (Gen. 1:10);
(2) a river, as the Nile (Isa. 19:5), the Euphrates (Isa. 21:1; Jer. 51:36);
(3) the Red Sea (Ex. 14:16, 27; 15:4, etc.);
(4) the Mediterranean (Ex. 23:31; Num. 34:6, 7; Josh. 15:47; Ps. 80:11, etc.);
(5) the "sea of Galilee," an inland fresh-water lake, and
(6) the Dead Sea or "salt sea" (Gen. 14:3; Num. 34:3, 12, etc.). The word "sea" is used symbolically in Isa. 60:5, where it probably means the nations around the Mediterranean. In Dan. 7:3, Rev. 13:1 it may mean the tumultuous changes among the nations of the earth.

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